Monday, 7 January 2013

American Airlines

I really don't get it - Food and Service in America is great so why is it that their Airlines just so stuck in a different era?  On a recent trip back from NYC - I got to sample the delights of American Airlines.  I must say first impressions are good - dedicated business class check-in area - friendly staff dispensing lounge invites, fast track through the now notorious security checks.. great right?  Then you arrive at the lounge - and you are given tokens for 2 drinks.  I mean tokens? 2 drinks?  Is this a Bingo in South London?  The lounge itself (Admiral's club) is singularly unimpressive - nice views of the aircraft but crowded and is essentially a herding area for the well heeled.  
 Once on board the retro aluminium clad (or at least it looks like it) - 767 - things improve.  Roomy seats - lots of leg room, big TV monitor and choice of movies.  And a welcoming glass of champagne.  Now things are looking up.  Then I find out the seats only recline 170 degrees... and if you are tall or short, you are gonna slide off that chair mid-snooze.  Again why?  They clearly have spent a fortune refitting the jets and possibly even re-training the staff (why is one always so scared of American crew..?) - so why don't they get the seats correct.  Most airlines are now 180 degree flat beds.  
 The amenity kit is cute..
All in all - pleasant flight, reasonable service (appart from the major gripe about the lounge and the almost flat bed).   They have hot showers awaiting at Heathrow if you are interested....   Would I fly them again?  Only if the ticket is cheap as chips. 

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